My husband and I were offered 2 free trips if we would just come up and listen to their spiel. We did, and could not get out of there without another person talking to us.We were assured at the beginning of the meeting that all we had to do was say No Thanks, and they would shake our hands and we could walk out.

That did not happen!!! After a couple of hours of being hounded, we did agree to look at their "returned" packages, and that we would have to pay $80 a month for 10 months (interest free), and at the end of the 10 months, we would be allowed to look at their inventory of returned "weeks", and we could purchase any of those for a substantial savings. The final person we spoke to assured us that it would be about $9600 or less - much better than the $22,500 they were asking. We were entitled to all the privileges of a deeded owner.

Our week was not good in Branson, MO or Orlando. We gave them $80 down, and my husband's checking acct was debited in January of this year. We were called this past week to say that we were invited up for the weekend for an owner's meeting, and that we would meet with an advisor on Sunday morning. We did as we were instructed and went to our meeting.

She took us to The Presidential park of the resort - bigger units and nicer. I told her I didn't want her trying to sell us something, that we were happy with the ways things were set up now. She didn't realize that we were not deeded owners, so she had to run and get her boss, as our account had been "flagged". This other woman came and spoke with us and kept saying over and over again, that they didn't do the types of transactions anymore that we had done, and that we would need to pay at least $4000 today, and that we were not entitled to the returned weeks.

We kept telling her that we had signed a contract for those terms, and she kept saying they didn't do that anymore, and our price would be $22,500. All through this, she kept assuring us that she was trying to help us. After about 30 mins of her telling us that they don't do this anymore, and that she had put in a call to someone, and that she was trying to help us, I asked her to please clarify what she was saying, because so far, we had only heard statements, not facts or solutions. As she is smiling at us, telling us that their company would not live up to it's commitment to us, and that our only solution today was to pay the $4000 today and agree to $22,500 for our week, she actually had the nerve to imply we were being unreasonable.

At this point, my husband told her that they better not ever debit his account again, we wanted what we had given them returned to us, and we walked out.

I am sure that next week, we will get a call from someone telling us it was all a misunderstanding, and welcome us back into their communities.

Monetary Loss: $152.

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