So i received a ton of calls from a dumb girl that said I won a car, or $49k or a vacation, but could not give me any details so i just said i would call back.

A day later another girl called me and was straightforward with me. Sh gave me details about the 90 min presentation and more info on the prizes. I still thought it was a scam but said "sure sign me up for an appt". I just wanted to see the confirmation email that they send. I get the email and read the fine print and of course its a lot of bull ***.

I call back to cancel because I do not meet the requirements of min. age 25 and min. income of $40k. The lady said "those are old requirements that don't apply any more" so I asked her to email me the new and updated fine print, which she did not have. So i got off the phone with her and found this site which just confirmed my suspicions that its all a scam.

I was bored so I called them back just to say that I was not gonna show up for my appt. just to see how they reacted and the lady I talked to said "no you agreed to come, you have to come, we already paid the representative" thats all total *** and I just laughed and said "I'm not going" She tried to transfer me but the other person was at lunch, and she told me that the person would call me back. I responded no need, I am not going, to which the lady just hung up on me.

In the end I am not going to go waste my time with a whole bunch of rednecks running horrible scams. Ironically I just received an envelope from them claiming I had won a prize while I was typing this. Hopefully they do not keep calling me.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Thanks for your post, so I am totally convinced it is a scam, and do not even call them back. I have not answered their phone calls, because I never do when it is an unknown number anyways. They sent me vial mail the paper I had filled recently at one of the Edwards Cinemas where I was told that by filling out the form I was entering to win either 25 free movie theatre tickets or the whole year (cannot recall), but since the girl was right in front of the ticket booth, I believed and filled it.

Last nite got it in the mail as I said, and it was saying I had filled it to enter the sweepstakes for $49,000 dlls, or a truck, and something else,.....so that was my red flag, and so glad found your post......just adding to it so people don't get excited and fall for it!



Timeshare Advocacy International is the leader in timeshare contract resolutions!

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“We are excited to finally have this decision behind us so we can now focus on one thing, and that is our clients. During the last 2 years they have been trying to do one thing and that is to shut us up and bankrupt us through the court system. We always felt that at the end of the day a jury would see that TAI is in the business to help people. If the timeshare industry would stop lying and sell their product honestly we would be out of business,” said Sean Austin.

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If you are thinking about purchasing a timeshare I urge you to reconsider. Although it may seem attractive, the salesman might just be saying whatever they are told to say regardless of veracity to get you “to sign on the line which is dotted.” If they happen to mislead you it’s not a problem because after a month or so they no longer work there. In order to understand the total economic impact this will have on you and your family I urge you to read carefully so you are fully aware of what the hidden costs will be.

If I told you that I had a vacation home that I would allow you to use one week out of every year for the rest of your life for only $15,000.00 dollars, what would you say? Well of course you would say no, who the *** has $15,000.00 dollars lying around, but what if I told you that for only $310.01 a month you would own this property and would also be able to use it during the weekends and pretty much whenever there is availability.

Well depending on how exciting this prospect sounds to you it could really go either way, but for our purposes lets just assume you say yes and sign a contract. Now let’s stop a minute and let me tell you exactly what you just did.

The standard loan for a timeshare is around 84 payments (7 years), at around a 17.4% interest rate with a monthly payment of $310.01. Most people don’t understand amortization or assume that the $310.01 payment is repayment of the $15,000.00, but its not. On your first payment of $310.01 it will look something like this…

Principal: $92.51

Interest: $217.50

Total: $310.01

Your second payment will look like this…

Principal: $93.85

Interest: $216.16

Total: $310.01

So what exactly does this mean? It means that out of your first payment you gave them $217.50 for doing absolutely nothing. Now lets take a look at how much of your hard earned money you will give them during the first year.

Principal: $1,203.06

Interest: $2,517.06

Total: $3,720.12

Wow, what an amazing deal, you used that resort for 7 days the first year and you paid a total of $3,720.12. That’s just about $531.45 a night… you know how much an average deluxe suite at Caesars palace in Las Vegas is for July 1st-8th, about $432.00 per night, but I digress.

So lets recap, after the first year you have paid $3,720.12 total and only $1,203.06 went to the principal and you still owe the company $13,796.94. ***, I forgot to mention the best part, THE ASSOCIATION DUES… yes that’s right, in addition to paying back the money that they so graciously lent to you at 17.4% interest you are going to have pay them $71.45 per month in membership fees.

Wait a minute here, membership fees? Yup, membership fees, to cover the cost of operating the resort. The money that you borrowed from them… and paid to them was just to purchase the deed to the property, but you don’t really even get that until you pay back the money they gave you to pay them.

Gosh, now my math is completely off, so I guess I’ll have to start all the way over again. Lets break it down one more time.

So the first payment is actually $310.01 plus $71.45 which comes to $381.46 per month, so during the first year you paid a total of:

Principal: $1,203.06

Interest: $2,517.06

ASDU: $857.40

Total: $4,577.52

So I was wrong in my previous calculation, you actually paid a total of $4,577.52 the first year. Making it around $653.93 per night to take your 7-day vacation.

Okay so maybe this isn’t a great deal, but you can give it to your children at some point… right? Well assuming that you children would want to pay $71.45 per month and assuming they would actually use it, yes you could give them this gift that keeps on giving and they will pay for it whether they use it or not. And if your children stop paying association dues, the company can just take the property back after 12 months anyways.

But you can always tell your children that this property that you originally agreed to pay them $15,000.00 dollars for ended up costing you… well um, lets do some more math…

You’ve made monthly payments of $310.01 for 84 months, which includes principal and interest totaling $26,040.84! Wait a minute; I thought this was only $15,000.00 dollars… well it was. At 17.4% interest, you paid them $11,040.84 dollars over 7 years for doing absolutely nothing.

But wait I forgot the maintenance fee, ***. Okay well this might get tricky because it actually states in the contract that you have to pay whatever they say the maintenance fee is. For a general rule of thumb, that fee is going to increase due to inflation and operating costs about 10% every 4 years. So, lets say years 1-4 of your loan the maintenance fee is $71.45 per month. And then years 5-7 it increases 10% to $78.60, now this only includes the first 7 years, once the property is paid, you will continue to make payments on the maintenance fee.

Years 1-4 @ $71.45 (48 Months) = $3,429.60

Years 5-7 @ $78.60 (36 Months) = $2,829.60

The total association dues paid in the first 7 years will equal $6,529.20,

By the time you have paid off this property you will have given this company $32,570.04! Assuming you use it every year you will have paid $664.69 a night to stay in your timeshare, I hope you enjoy it.

So… what have we learned here, well I guess you could say that maybe the good deal that the salesman told you about might just be a big piece of sh*t lie to take your hard earned money so these as$h0les can buy private jets and pay themselves ridiculous salaries. I can’t really speak for the costs associated with making your dream vacation a reality but I can guarantee your interests are not kept in mind.

Signing any contract for such a property would be the equivalent of taking $387.74 (averaging the maintenance fee) every single month for 7 years and burning it.

But lets say that instead of burning your money you take that money and invest it. Lets say over 7 years you make monthly contributions of $387.74 per month to a mutual fund that averages 8% per year. In 7 years you would have $43,470.81, now do you think your children would rather be left $43,470.81 or a timeshare… in business always look for the fool in any deal. If you can’t spot him, it’s most likely you.

i did not even read it but i am just a 11 year old kid what do i know o and i get lots of A+ but still i know not a thing :sigh :) :p
It saved us a long drive and the pressure tactics where on also on the phone as you described. Sonetimes one has to listen to their gut feeling. :zzz

18 yrs old college student, my sister and her husband got the blue, called then, there was no mention of timeshare at all, in any way, shape, or form. the guy on the phone gave her an address and they went there and ended up buying.well, her husband ended up buying a white week for 8000 with a finance charge of 17 and something percents. she signed some forms while she was there and had no idea what she did. february 4th, 2011, i found out she had timeshare. they went there october 30, beginning of the months since then her credit card have been charged $217 and ($60+ and climbing for maintainance fees. she wants out but its way pass recission date.

i found some stuff on freedon financial and silverleaf resorts on some of the databases my school is subscribed to.

to recieve, just email silverleaf to issy18@yahoo.com, its a wordpad doccument, with articles i copied and pasted in their entiready.

(ps, my sister and her husbands are not dumb or anything, they came to the us 10 years ago, just like me, and they went straight to working for minimum wage, beets still being in refugee camp, but saying that, they got duped)

ps also email me if you find a way out of your contract or finds something in the contract that may be useful.

if anyone want to see what the blue card looks like, just google "award verification center" and go to images


Are you seriously *** because you didnt win a car??? obviously the gifts are a way to get you to the presentation to see what they have to offer, if you dont qualify to take the presentation because either you dont make enough money to afford it or you cant legaly sign a real estate document then to bad.


Don't be such a tool, man.

Brooklyn, Connecticut, United States #242253


2 bedroom deeeded on Silverleaf Oak N Spruce MA ASKING 7 K obo vilfredo@live.com

Brooklyn, Connecticut, United States #242251

2 bedroom deeeded on Silverleaf Oak N Spruce MA ASKING 7 K obo vilfredo@live.com


really? u obviously have NO LIFE!

your soooo concerned about something u first off didnt qualify to attend! 2nd post *** up about it on the internet to make the place look bad and u dont even know what its all about!

cuddve changed your life! maybe even got u out of your house so u cudve done something productive for a change instead of talk $***

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