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I send in cancelation notice on Saturday having purchased on Sunday. I am hoping to get out. I read the contract, it gives me 6 days. I signed on 2 plus 6 I sent it on 8 th.

I bought in for a good deal on vacation and ability to take bonus time. I was mildly excited, but when she said my week was white and showed me the chart of weeks, there was not as much white time as I hoped. I expressed my concern. I think they wanted me to be not satisfied so that I would want to come back and upgrade, and give them more money.

From what I gathered on this comment forum is that they do prey on uninformed. I didn't know much about timeshare, I didn't do the research. I wanted a vacation, an escape once in a while, but I do that as frugally as possible. Being alone by myself, time at my home is my vacation, I told them that. Yes they want commission, yes they want to sell and have repeat sales. I wanted bonus time and red week, they sold me white week and told me to try it and see how I like it. Really? If I try it and don't like it? Tough, I bought it. Boyer be ware, don't buy without research. Now what? I hope my cancelation goes trough and they refund me the money.

Yea they ran my credit card two seconds after I signed. It is a debit card and they completely depleted it. I had to transfer funds there. It is overpriced for my budget. I liked the concept and of course it sounds great and appealing to many. Few have ability to take advantage of it, and they sell it to all. If few can the rest should, but they can't and are dismayed and frustrated.

I just hope my cancelation goes through and I get refund.

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Did you get money back?

Arlington, Texas, United States #793477

Please email us at info@silverleafresorts.com with your name and a phone number so that we can research your account and contact you to get this issue resolved.


Liz @Silverleaf


Hopefully, you sent the cancellation by certified mail. Contact your bank and ask them to reverse the charges.

Do not take "no" for an answer. Debit card was a big mistake.

You will HATE this. See notices on this same page.

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