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Paid the $20 "reservation fee" to sit there for the 90 mins to say NO to everything out of their mouths. I've done this before and ALWAYS got the free trips and everything promised, but not from these scammers.

They lost my name and two months later I am still waiting for my $20, the trip voucher and the White Sox tickets they promised.

I've done a lot of these silly time share plays and musicals but this is the ONLY dishonest one I have come across in 30 years of listening to the ridiculous speeches. Called and emailed numerous times and they still have not and will not respond.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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My wife and I have been with Silverleaf since 1997. We started out with a 2BR/1BA cabin at Lake 'o the Wood with Endless Escapes for bonus time.

After a couple of years or so, we upgraded to a 2BR/2BA condo at Holly Lake.

(NOTE: Using our equity from our cabin, we got a 0% (zero percent) loan to upgrade to this condo...PLUS, we got ZERO maintenance fee.

After another couple of years, we upgraded to a 2BR/2BA lodge at Holiday Hills in Branson, Missouri...also, with ZERO maintenance fee!!

After another couple of years, we upgraded again to a Presidential Unit at Silverleaf's Seaside Resort in Galveston, Texas...NOTE: Also, with ZERO maintenance fees!!!

We have made several day trips to Silverleaf (The Villages or Holly Lake) for an owner's 'update' several times. We usually hold out for $100/$150 cash for the 'visit'. But, we stand firm on our ZERO MAINTENANCE FEE. We've turned down several attempts to sell us an extra week for Diamond privileges due to financial difficulties, some of which really made us sad because of the GREAT DEALS.

We've since bought a blue Presidential at Fox River, week 5.

While we couldn't get zero maintenance, we got $50... not bad. Our bonus time is Sun -Thu, free, and $50 for Fri/Sat. Through the years, we've mostly used our Endless Escape bonus time, though we have, on occasion, used our deeded week.

We've enjoyed our association with Silverleaf, but it has not been without hiccups. Basically, if you can't afford to buy, DON'T BUY.... no matter how appealing the incentive is. Silverleaf employees work on a commission basis....

the more property they sell, the more they get paid. No sale, NO PAY. CAVEAT EMPTOR (BUYER BEWARE). Don't blame them if you are convinced to buy.

Get EVERYTHING in writing.

Take responsibility for YOUR actions.


So, clearly, "Doc" is a timeshare salesman giving us his/her crocodile tears.

What I would recommend is contacting the Attorney General or whatever regulatory authority in the state in which you did the tour has responsibility for regulating timeshare sales. There might be names, addresses, phone numbers and/or complaint forms online.

Look for laws or regulations online as well.

I hope you have your agreement in writing, as that will help your case. What the heck, the worst you lose is a stamp.

Tampa, Florida, United States #836510

You claim you have done many of these "silly" things in the past but now you are claiming you've been scammed. You know full well and with all intentions, the company pays for and the consultant makes a living for his/her family buy trying to show you a better way to travel with you family and friends.

And you just sit there for 90 minutes just saying no to everyone and everything. If you know going in you have zero interest and you're only going for a handout while others are trying to help you and feed their families, who's the scammer now? I'm sorry but as an owner, you know in advance, you work the system by "playing the little game" and you're upset? Personally, I think you're playing a little game now.

How am I supposed to take a scammer seriously. To me it sounds like you just want more of something free. Do everyone a favor. STOP!

You're putting families at risk and you will deal with karma. There is never a free lunch.

Nothing is for free. Just my humble opinion

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