I was at a fair and they stopped me and said that I won all these trips. They guaranteed a 3 day 2 nights get a way to great escape.

All I would have to do according to the guy was visit their resort and fill out a survey about how the resort could be better. This was a LIE! I paid a $20.00 deposit to hold our "spot". A few days before our appointment I researched them and found out that this whole idea about the trips was a scam.

They want to lure people into their facility to try and sell them timeshares. Apparently, they do not give up and become very nasty when you decline their offer. I tried to cancel our appointment because they omitted the fact that they would be trying to sell us stuff the whole time. They told me that we couldn't get it back unless we go there.

When I first signed up they told us that we can cancel anytime and get our deposit back...Again this was a LIE. They did not give us our deposit back and said that the only way to get it back would be to go there and sit through their presentation. There is no way in *** I am stepping foot in that place! Beware and stay away from these people they will say and do anything to lure you into their resort!!

Apparently they honor the trips, but with many stipulations that make it impossible for you to actually take it.

Thank god we did not go! I only lost the $20 dollar deposit.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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