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I bought two weeks with Silverleaf. When I told them I wanted to return one as my income had changed, they told me that both were connected therefore they would be foreclosing on both even though I had only fallen behind in the payments for one.

Eventually I paid off both accounts and only had maintenance fees to pay. Since my fees were so minimal, I paid them every so often. Customer service had also mentioned to me that as long as I don't owe more than $500, then my account would be fine. LIE! I paid on my account August 15th. By October 15th, without notice, they foreclosed on my week 52. I owed $318 dollars. I found out that I was foreclosed on when I called to reserve the week.

They said they sent a certified letter to my previous address and then AMY the very disrespectful manager mentioned that although their records show that I pay on my account every three months, that I should be paying on my account monthly therefore, they shouldn't have to notify me of anything!

This company is filled with thieves who say anything and change rules to get your money and steal your property once its fully paid for! Stay Clear of Them!!!

Reason of review: Silverleaf stole my fully paid timeshare!.

Monetary Loss: $16000.

Preferred solution: return my property.

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We would like to look into this. Please call us at 1-888-476-0991.

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