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We were approached at a kids expo about their resort in Tyler, TX. Like many others we were told that this was brand new and they were trying to get the word out about it. They offered 3 days and 2 nights at the resort and 4 waterpark passes plus a 3 day 2 night vacation to one of 14 cities just for attending a 90 minute tour. We went ahead and paid the $79 because it sounded like fun. When we booked about 2 months later we were told it would be an additional $40 because it was peak season. We were ok with that we headed to Tyler about 2 weeks later.

Lie #1: We arrive at the resort played around on the computer for about 5 minutes she had her manager come over. The manager said only members stay at the resort and they didn't know why we would be told we could stay there. She said they probably booked us at the Sleep Inn and she would check. Our reservation WAS at the Sleep Inn and not there. Soooooo why were we charged for booking during peak time and we didn't even stay at the resort???

From the looks of the resort we were actually better off at the hotel. The Sleep Inn was very nice and clean and even had a complimentary breakfast that was pretty good. The Sleep Inn was in the part of town close to all the cool restaurants and shopping.

Lie #2: The 90 minute tour was actually 4+ hours, but I will get back to that.

Lie #3: After me reading about 2 hours worth of reviews on here, you will NOT get what you think you will get. All they do is scam you out of money for something you probably won't use.

Now to the "90 minute tour"

You arrive and wait to be called. We waited for about 30 minutes whereas others said they've waited close to 2 hours. The sales person calls your name and sits down to talk about how and when you travel and how you spend family time. That alone was about 45 minutes. Then your sales person shows you a model of one of the condos that is very nice and then takes you around the resort which takes another 30 minutes. You were probably like us and thought to yourself "This place looks crappy."

Once you get back they tell you the cost which was about $2800 or so down plus $400+ per month for 36 months plus $78 maintenance fees. They tell you all about what you get and how to use the RTI program which allows you to trade your week there for another place practically anywhere in the world for only $209.Once you say "that is more than I want to pay", they thank you and have their manager come and finish up. This took about another 45 minutes or so.

This manager offers you a better deal than the sales person so it does sound tempting. When you still say "it is too much" the manager leaves for about 10minutes and comes back with a sparkle in her eye. They come back and tell you someone has just miraculously upgraded to a higher package and they can offer you their old package for what they paid for even less than they quoted you before. You still tell them no and they keep trying. Finally when they are done with you they say a supervisor or someone will get you on your way. You've just spent another hour or so with this person, your tired, hungry and ready to get your prizes and leave.

Now the supervisor comes and offers an even better deal, the "sampler" package and this sounds really good and affordable. DO NOT GIVE IN AT THIS POINT, THIS PLACE IS A TOTALLY RIP OFF!!!You finally just get firm and tell them that this place is a dump and you wouldn't bring stray dogs here and finally they back off. This only took about 10 minutes.

They take you to another building where you claim your prizes. The trips sound really good especially the ones with free airfare. It's all a bunch of baloney!!!!! After you read the fine print on the brochure they make you pay a deposit, pick 3 different dates, and by the time you jump through a bunch of hoops you just say "forget it". (Note:You don't do any of this until once you get home.)

This is a scam and I feel so sorry for these people on here that have their hard earned money tied up in a crock of *** like this. Hopefully if you are reading this you are reading this prior to your "90 minute" tour. NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Package Booking.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #800203

Thank so much for posting this. Me and my husband were suppose to go to this next weekend. Glad I read all of these.

to Anonymous San Antonio, Texas, United States #804398

did you get the money you put down back

Conroe, Texas, United States #743075

We have not been to Silverleaf but it's the same as one we went to 20 years ago in Georgia! Nothing has changed--we also bought in at the bargain basement price.

We have since paid off the sales price but the maintenance continues, although happily has not greatly increased over 20 years. We generally rent our week out and recoup our annual costs. We have another 5 years or so then we're out--no way we could sell it, everyone's hip to it!

The thing we learned---do the math.

Add up the cost of the timeshare, the annual costs, the reservation fees, and the cost of belonging to RCI and it is usually way higher than you would spend if you booked a family vacation straight up!


Learn how to spell "Bologana" you dumb ***! People like you are the ones that feel like they got scammed because your uneducated!

You're full of *** and so are these other people that agree with you.

I love my Timeshare and Silverleaf is good to me and my family. So eat *** you coward!


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