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I sat through their 90 minute presentation for three hours. They wouldn't give me the free gifts until I agreed to join their club.

It was the ultimate in hard sales. They wanted me to agree to and sign a commitment for $35,000 without allowing me to see any documentation. I tried to get away for an hour and a half. The supervising sales woman was a total fake.

Fake teeth, fake ***, fake tan. Fake everything. It was a really bad experience. I left with nothing.

Total scam. Don't ever pay them any money.

This is a total scam. Sorry.

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Company Response

We're here to help. If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-888-476-0991.

Thank you.

Houston, Texas, United States #880592

Usually you can get the prizes if you make it through the drawn out sales pitch. It takes a LOOOTT of patience but when I go they usually honor the prizes whether you buy something or not

Bridge City, Texas, United States #873244

We paid $79.00 and promised a 3 day 2 night get a way with very little expense and it was a total scam. Scheduled for 3 rd week in September, called on the FridAYBEFORE WE LEFT for Conroe after 2 hrs of being transferred or put on hold...

No reservations for us. Scam!!!

to tiffany kidwell dont fall for Houston, Texas, United States #880591

Wow I'm sorry to hear that. Never had the experience of not getting the hotel.

We can usually get the 2 night stay for $80 with no problems. You should definitely call again about your reservations and try to get a refund.

That DID happen for a promised trip to Orlando. We had already done the 2 night stay but won a trip to either Vegas or Orlando.

We sent in the paper work but never heard anything back. Luckily we had not sent any money yet for the trip.

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