I was looking to complain about CarMax and I seen Silverleaf and it caught my attention since I'm an owner. I have been an owner for about 6 years and would say I'm about 90% happy with what I purchased (which is about 15% more than McDonalds).

The program works pretty much how it was explained to us originally. I read about people not getting there Bonus Time, well hence the name!!!!! I dont know about you guys but I did'nt pay extra for my bonus time feature. I have used it about three times this year and probably 6 times last year.

RCI booked up, thats a joke, I just booked my brother and his kids into Orlando for the last week of August. I could sit and say that one time last year I wanted to go to the Tyler resorts and it was booked....... or I could complain that I stayed in a lodge instead of a pres. on my last visit...........or I could complain that I had to get maint.

to fix a dripping faucet last year but then I would sound like the rest of you "pissed off owners" I'll pass! Kepp up the good work Silverleaf Me and my Family love you guys!!

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the problem with Silverleaf is they really make you work to have a vacation that you've already paid for.... a minor problem like having to have some come in and fix a leak would be welcome, my first visit to the Fox River resort i had NO hot water, but the real problem was no one answered the phone to tell about the problem.

i decided to leave and when i took the keys to the visitor center i ran into the general manager of the resort and his only comment was oh well i can take your keys for you.. next time i went to Fox River the pool was so cold you couldn't swin in it and the locker room was filthy :-( next i tried the Hill Country resort in east Texas, OMG where to start.. First they kept myself and 2 hungry kids waiting for almost 3 hours to check in. Second it turned out they lied about the pool, I called 2 weeks before to make sure the pool would be open and that we wouldn't have to wait till the water park was open.

They flat out lied about that the pool was down for major repairs and the only place to swim was the water park that of course you had to pay extra for and had very short hours just one other thing the employees flat out lied about. The beds were horrible and the lights in the dining area kept overheating and going off, it took 4 calls to get an employee with enough common sense to bring me the lamp i requested. the first 3 including the supervisor all told me my old recourse was to complain afterwards and maybe I'd get a couple free days..

i could add to the list, but as i said in the beginning the real problem is they make vacationing work.. anyone want to buy a couple worthless weeks with Silverleaf Resorts??


yeah just set back and watch the show!! Because if you don't buy, they've just worked for FREE! ***


ur dumb 4 spending all your money on a worthless timeshare


At Hill Country Resort the sales staff will bald face lie to you to get you to sign the contract. But you should bear in mind that what you are really buying and that everything they are telling you is a pre-planned sales pitch.

They will find this amazing deal that they didn't even know existed or act like what you are getting is 1 of a kind. But in the end they are just trying to sale you their product. We were told that our week could be used anytime in the blue period but you are assigned your week. We were told that Bonus Time could be used anytime but it actually must be used during your color band.

We were sold a sampler that would be opgraded if we liked the program but now 3 months later we are being told that we are being told that if we do not upgrade now we will lose the 1000 bucks going to the sampler. We have 400 bucks paid in already and if they would just be honest with us we would actually like to buy into the program. Also they will look to see who the authority figure is in the couple and then send over a sales manager to woo them. By this I mean if the guy is really the one engaged they send over a fairly good looking lady with a slightly revealing outfit and way too much make up on to try to get you to sign up.

I find this fact entertaining and appriciate the little show that they put on. The little air heads are funny. They keep saying what I like to do is this... I will have to check to see if I can actually do that...

I'm not sure if I can but I will try. I am really going to look at other options before actually buying into this one because I am sure there are better options out there. By the look of the sales staff and the visitors at this resort I am not sure this is the right resort for me.

It really seems to be aimed at lower class families, nothing wrong with them... I would just like to leave a little something more to my kids.


Thank you for posting-This Makes Me Laugh! I get irritated reading the outlandish comments and complaints about Silverleaf.

I don’t think these complaints are legitimate at ALL and feel most of them are disgruntled employees.

We have a timeshare and we know how to use it to our benefit and love it. We have been to Disney World twice now utilizing RCI.


Contrary to your reaction, I feel SAD for the folks who are dissatisfied with Silverleaf Resorts.

My wife and I have been with Silverleaf Resorts since 1997. We started with a 1BR/1BA cabin (blue week 052 with Endless Escape) at Lake O' The Woods, upgraded to a 2BR/2BA condo at Holly Lake (where we got ZERO maintenance fees and ZERO per cent on the loan), upgraded to a 2BR/2BA lodge at Holiday Hills (Branson),and now own a Presidential at Seaside Resort in Galveston (and have kept ZERO maintenance fees).

Our four adult children are on the deed, so they are able to contact Customer Service and sign in to any resort on their own.

We have been to ALL the Silverleaf resorts in Texas, the two at Branson, and Apple Mountain north of Atlanta, GA. While our stays may not have been PERFECT, we've enjoyed them...some more than others.

It's sad to see how Silverleaf Resorts and 'some' of their employees may have taken advantage of people...but, it's a business and it's up to the BUYER to BEWARE (caveat emptor).

We have also experienced 'hard sell' tactics by the sales personnel, but, as we've told them, "It's NOT our problem...it's YOURS."

Also, it's been hard to turn down the 'really SPECIAL buys' that the sales manager 'always' seems to find...it's almost like watching a stage production or a play the way the sales representative and the sales manager work their 'dog and pony' show. It's entertaining, but the INDIVIDUAL doesn't have to buy...just applaud their efforts. :-)

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