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Timeshares are such a joke! Silverleaf employee's are like spiders, they get you caught in their web and you never get out.

They will eat at you forever, with maintenance fees, all hour calls and if you are hours late on a payment it's dooms day. Once you buy, all the smiles and friendly people no longer exist.

You'll be called about attending meetings, all they are are high pressured salepeople. You will think it will never end, and guess what!, it doesn't!

Please take your money and spend on a real vacation, don't get caught in the trap of timeshares, you'll never get out of it!!!!!!!!!!

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Houston, Texas, United States #970363

I used to be a sales rep in the Timeshare industry. After being ripped off in the industry, I began helping people terminate them, and stop paying the maintenance fees.

If I can help call me.

Jeff Sanderford



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