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This is one of those timeshare "scams". They don't really scam you, but they will pull every dirty salesman trick in the book to get you to come to their tour, and once you do, they will basically pull such a hard sale on you that you feel obligated to put in about $2000 for a timeshare that will never be available when you need it to be. I am only reporting this according to other testimonials, but below is my experience with them.

A sales rep called me stating that one of my friends (she used my friend's full name) went on one of their tours and bought a packet from them and has listed me as someone she thought would be interested in this deal as well. She went on and on about a "free vacation" that I've won as long as I sign up to go on this 90 minute tour. I kept asking her what my friend bought and what this was, but she was very vague about it. She called me during work so to shut her up, I put my name down for one of their 90 minute tours.

A few days before the "tour", another rep called me to confirm the appointment. At this point, I had already done my research on the company (after they sent me a confirmation email with all the fine print). I told her I was not interested and that I was a student without the financial means to buy what they were selling. I also told her that the lady on the phone was relentless in setting up an appointment (even when I told her I was going out of town, she said they had a Silverleaf there too and that I should take my time out of my vacation to go to their tour... what? yeah, sure). The girl on the phone reluctantly said she was going to cancel my appointment.

Today another girl calls me and basically tells me that I'm obligated to go because when they made the reservation in my name, they had bought the "prize" tickets for the free vacation in my name as well. Then they threaten that they would put my friend's account on hold until I went on their tour. At this point, I had enough with their bullying tone and annoying phone calls while I was at work, so I called her out on ALL their BS. I started by saying that I spoke to my friend, and that she NEVER signed up or went on any tour or bought anything. (I know this is true because she is a nursing student and in a ton of debt, she would not have that kind of money to invest in a time share). I then told her that I know how she got my info (if you read the fine print in their confirmation email, they get it from credit companies who tell them that your credit has been approved for such a purchase), and that she can stop threatening me and calling me at work. Then I also told her that unlike other people, I have read the fine print of their emails, and that those so-called "prize vacation tickets" were nothing more than vouchers to which you would still have to make a reservation in your name and pay the taxes, so they were indeed not free and not specific to any one customer, and she need not make up lies. At this point, she promptly and rudely hung up the phone on me mid-sentence. I don't think They will be calling me back any time soon, but I have saved their contact info just in case.

I just wanted to alert everyone on the kind of douchebaggery that goes on in this company and that you can indeed scare their pants off into running away as long as you stick to your guns and call them out on all their lies. Make sure you read the FINE PRINT on everything they send you, because they do indeed LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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