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Silverleaf is a joke! My wife and I had our timeshare for about 4 years.

Visited twice. To book a resort is like pulling teeth! We finally came to our senses and paid off the balance. However, we were still responsible for maintenance fees.

Silverleaf will tell you the maintenance fees are used for upkeep of the resorts. This is total bull! I can almost guarantee that those fees are lining someone's pockets. We stop paying the fees and they threaten to foreclose on us.

I asked them to do a deed in lieu of foreclosure. I was told that they don't do that. They told me that the foreclosure would not go on my credit report. So far, it is not on my credit report.

So, at least they told the truth about that. Do not waste your time or your money on this company of charlitans!

What a joke! There is a special time share in *** for these people!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Amsterdam, New York, United States #955204

Hi, Checking in a year later to see if your credit has been affected by letting your timeshare go. My husband and I have one through Silverleaf that we purchased about 5 years ago and has been fully paid off for quite some time.

I stopped paying maintenance fees about a year ago since similar to your scenario, and contrary to their promises, I too found it difficult to use/book on. Figured at this point it made more sense to just cut our losses.

Just curious as to whether you have experienced any repercussions since this post?


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