Silverleaf owner that was interviewed about his experience in joined as a Diamond member of Silverleaf Resorts at the Oak N’ Spruce location in Lee, Massachusetts. Frank details how Silverleaf misled him into buying a $40,000 timeshare and now threatens him with violence and harassment as he protests the timeshare program.

If you’re considering buying a timeshare from Silverleaf Resorts, please watch this video first.

Also if you feel like you have been the victim of timeshare fraud or misrepresentation call today for a free consultation!

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Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC



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I can help you to stop your monthly payments, protect your credit and get you out of your loan balance. In some cases we have even got some of our client's a refund based on fraud and misrepresentation.

We have successfully helped over 4000 clients so far and we have offices in Houston, Austin & San Antonio with Licensed Texas Realtors.

We are accredited with the BBB and have an A rating! Visit us on the web at TimeshareGone.com and ask to speak with Kevin Hanson or give me a call at 713-554-3334


all of this from the same guy who lost his wife because she was ashamed of what he was doing, total bs

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