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I went to the one in Conroe, Texas last weekend. I told them that I couldn't spend a lot of time because I was driving two hours away to Austin after.

They kept trying to keep me and had no consideration for my time. They brought over a manager and he kept asking if I had a credit card and why couldn't I just put a down payment with my card. I told him nicely at first that I couldn't afford another monthly payment. He insulted me by asking me how I pay for anything and questioning why I went in when I told them at the beginning that I was just there for the prizes.

I finally told him what part of I DON'T WANT A CRIMESHARE do you not understand. The guy got up and made the other guy leave also and a woman came over to escort me to the prize area. They are very rude and pushy and it's a total waste of time. The scratch off for the prizes are rigged.

They say there are 5 pots of gold but there were only three on mine. There is no way for someone to win. The lady tried to show me where all 5 were on the scratch off but only three look-alike. It's deliberately done so they can say you didn't win even if you scratch all 5 correctly.


The prizes all have unrealistic travel dates such as they cannot be taken within week of a holiday either before or after. I've read a ton of reviews and haven't found one person that has taken the cruise or the trip successfully.

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Company Response

We would like to look into your experience. Please don't hesitate to call us at 1-888-476-0991. Thank you.

Houston, Texas, United States #931728

My husband entered to win the *** "car". We got called Tuesday Jan.13, 2015 to go into Conroe Sunday the 18th at noon.

I told my husband I use to work with them I know its nothing but a scam so don't believe *** they tell you because I know it's NOT TRUE!! He still wants to go and see what's its about, so I guess we are driving up there to see what I said was so TRUE!!! I know I'm not giving into any of this ***. We already have enough with our regular monthly bills to have them give us another one I don't think so!!!

Thanks for your help. Now just wait till I comment back and tell you that I told him "I told you so".

Houston, Texas, United States #917836

Thank you! This was very helpful!

I got selected for one pick a prize scams and was supposed to go to Conroe today.

I was hesitant and after reading this I'm definitely not going.

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