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I went out to Galveston, Texas I were told I had won a trip to Vegas. I fill out the registration.

And I have not heard anything else. Christol Miller old address is 12603 woodforest Blvd #1209 Houston, Texas 77015 now I live at 794 Normandy #622 Houston,texas 77015. I have not hear anything concerning my trip. The owner name is SANDRA PAREDES Director Of Owner service.

I really trusted these people just what would of happen if I had Bought one of the properties. And your word means a hold lots to me and will take you for in your Business

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You are SO lucky to have not heard from them. I can promise that you would hate this free vacation trip.

Refer to this same page for timeshare "sales" and other problems. Stay as far away from them as you can.

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