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Where do I begin? I wish we had read the reviews before we made the *** decision to show up to one of their long meetings.

We have not only been through the process once but twice. We bought into an every other year package which means we could only use the time share every other year. I told the high pressure saleman that we wanted to go to lunch to discuss it . They would not let us leave.

They ended up going to lunch with us. It was ridiculous. We barely found time to go that first year and the few times we went, they called us at the time share to set up another meeting. They told us that it would only take about an hour and that they were going to show us how to use the timeshare and see if we had any questions.

They also kept bugging us at home continuously. We were at the meeting for 3 hours, trying to upgrade us. We said no at that time and the next time we wanted to relax and enjoy our stay. They wanted us to once again meet with them.

We told them no and they offered us a

$100.00 gift card if we went. The last meeting we went to we were literally at a meeting for 6 hours straight when we foolishly upgraded to an every year package. We have literally lost $20,000 on this timeshare when we could have used it for a few really nice trips. We also called them to find out how to get out of it and if they would sell it for us or buy it back.

Nope they could not do it.

Believe me if there is a way to sue them or to get rid of this, We would in an instant. Trying to help others to NOT buy into this scam.

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I wish I would have known as well I would have known as well it wasn't like we were suckered into it because we were actually looking to get a timeshare but the way they went about trying to sell it to us was terrible if anyone knows a way I can get rid of the timeshare that would be great to know

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Hi. Can you call us at 1-888-476-0991?

We would like to look into your experience. Thank you.