Went to Silverleaf Vacation Store in Irving, Texas off of Story Road and Highway 183 with my fiancee because we were promised free Dallas Stars tickets. We did not really want to buy anything, but wanted to educate ourselves and have information to share with our family and friends.

When the end of the presentation came about and we told the sales associate we were not interested, she called over one of their "Executive Principals" (or whatever they are called) who kept lowering the price to try to get us to sign. After I told the executive principal for the third time or so that we appreciated his generosity but were not going to purchase, he finally shook my hand and wished us luck with our marriage, and walked away. The sales associate went away with him, and did not seem too pleased.

I genuinely felt like they were not ever going to let us leave after we were presented with the $15,000.00 price at the end of the presentation and then said that we were not interested. The end of the experience was very uncomfortable, very pressured, and clearly designed to manipulate us to buy the timeshare. I thought they would respect the fact that we appreciated the presentation and just let us go, but boy was I wrong.

If I had to do it all over again, I would not have set foot in the door of this place. To all of you who are considering attending one of these presentations just to get the gifts and educate yourselves for a later purchase - be warned - you are in for a fight if you say no.

For those who are still brave enough to go (or otherwise if you really want the Dallas Stars tickets), when you say "no" at the end of the presentation, do not let them call anyone else over to speak with you, stand your ground and say you are not purchasing anything today, period, end of story, and you do not need to speak with anyone else.

This experience was like something out of "The Twilight Zone", and I do not believe I will ever attend anything like this again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #788873
Well silverleaf isn't that bad u people think that things are free nothing in this life is free and whats so bad about paying government taxes and fees if u win the 49,000 the government going to tax it anyway u could have easily got up and walked out they weren't forcing u to stay :grin

This is Jst a fraud..not like this place...they Jst wnt you to spend money on them ...dam discusting place



will not fall for this gimmick again. I knew I would have to set thru a presentation, but the prizes are useless.

Can never get on the site to redeem the Dallas Stars tickets, the 5day/4night getaway, you have to pay for transportation, which cost at least $1000.00 or more. The cruise, you can only take in the winter. We did get the $40.00 back in a gift card. That is the only good thing I can say about them.

Extreme sales pitch, with 3 different people.

Long wait to receive prizes. And, when you leave, its thru the BACK door!

:upset They compared my appt with them to the doctors office. My life does not revolve around having fun it revolves around my personal health and well being.

They did not seem to understand that when I called to cancel their appointment. Then after getting all huffy with me and arguing with me he had the gall to say have a blessed day and hung up on me while I was talking to him

Im telling u im so mad i didt go to work because they me from this paper i feld out at the mall to win the 49,00, dollors or the car car but none of that its all a lie they make u go to the 90 min presentation they ask u *** questions and they try to convence u like how it is in the dealership of cars they want u to put $3,854,00 in down payment for suppisly for a vacation but like i said its all a spam they dont give u nothing

:( these people just lie about everything they tell u that u going to win prizes like money or a car or a vacation it s all a lie dont go they make u buy a trip dont fall for this *** at the end they make scratch of 5little boxes inn the ticket and all u get is nothing just a *** paper with bunch of lies.


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Attended an Irving Vacation Store presentation a week ago for Stars tickets and a Great Wolf Lodge voucher. If I had not already done my homework on Silverleaf and know from friends how timeshares and RCI exchange really work, their sales pitch may have been attractive.

The reality is that most of Silverleaf's resorts are second rate and hold ZERO trading power in RCI.

Not a good deal. Based on my understanding of RCI and timeshares, our sales person was flat out lying on numerous points in order to make the sale.

Walked out with my gifts with little hassle, as I made it VERY clear that I KNOW buying from Silverleaf is not a good bargain.

to Sheeple #856100

Where you able to use the Great Wolf Lodge voucher?

to Anonymous Arlington, Texas, United States #1314936

Yeah, were you able to use the Great Wolf lodge tickets or did they do you like us? They supposedly "upgraded" our gifts to a vacation. The gift card with our returned $40.00 doesn't work and it was a waste of time!!!


I said no and they call me every single day from 4 different numbers! One day they called 27 times! Do NOT get in their mess...


They called me and said that I will one of the five gifts for sure. Is it really true?


I went to a meeting at Silver Leaf in Irving Texas back in December. I received my 5 Dallas Stars vouchers before I left there facility.

I have used one so far and all was well.

LETS GO DALLAS!!! ;) ;) ;)


I have a question for all of you that have gone through this:Did they ever promised to call you every month,if you buy the week,and give you $150.00 to attend an update meeting,and never call you once you sign the contract?Because that is what happened to us and now we are stuck with something we will never use and can not afford to pay.If the answer is yes could you please call me at 518-203 8067? .Thank you


Ah those manipulating bastards, I know just how you felt during the end of the presentation, they sure know how to push your buttons. Unlike you I was not as strong willed, they kept bring my children up saying "now you can take that trip to Disneyland" Apparently they pushed the right button and now I'm the fool. I don't appreciate the manipulation used but I do wish I had of stuck to my guns and kept on saying NO.


The complaint is valid insofar as I've never in my entire life been hounded like a starving vulture over a dead carcass to buy something like I was at this presentation when I said "no".

I've been to these type of presentations before with free gifts/incentives, and in all of those other instances if you were not interested, they thanked you kindly for your time, gave you your gift, and let you leave without an argument or a struggle. Definitely not the case here.

The individual who signed us up at the American Airlines Center said "all we had to do was attend the presentation, we did not have to buy anything." The sales associate said the exact same thing at the beginning of the two-hour presentation, and said that "if you are not interested at the end, we'll all part friends and give you the gifts."

When we told the sales associate "no", she had a look on her face like we just told her we burned her house down, and she definitely did not part friends with us after she called over the executive principal to hound us and he finally gave up after three or four tries to get us to sign.

Perhaps the aggressive sales tactics may cause some people to buckle under the pressure, but I wonder how many sales they will lose because of the bad press they will inevitably receive from browbeating people in this fashion.


Really? you got 10 vouchers to see the dallas stars and your complaining about having to say "no".

I'd say that was a fair exchange! You were using them to get the tickets and they were using the tickets to sell the timeshare...

I hardly think that is worth filing a complaint about. If you got nothing i could see how you would be mad but you got something out of it so stop complaining!

to james Dallas, Texas, United States #710168

Agree completely! Whats with all the complaints?

You people knew what you were getting into, didnt you? They should be just as pissed at you bc you knew you werent going to buy anything when you went!

At least you got a gift! They wasted their time & $ on your cheap ***!


Yes, they really DID give us the tickets. We got 10 vouchers, most of them are to selected Tuesday and Thursday night games, and you can use them for any game.

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