Wife ask me go went for a short sale pitch lasted over four hours only agreed to buy the time share to get out of there had get home and take medication .Cancelled the deal and they still will not leave me along trying say i can't change my mind. RIP OFF COMPANY.healed hostage and forced into a deal i didn't want even though i stated to them many time about my medication and i need to leave they didn't care only wanted to steal your money nothing else is important.No honor just thieves worst thing i ever done in life is go to silver leaf and if you add up the deal only a fool would be part of it.That why they force you to stay instead of giving you time to think about the deal because they know they are selling something no one wants are need --NEVER AGAIN.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #844125

For others who read this review, you don't have to buy anything to get out of there, just get up and leave. That's what I did this week and haven't heard back from them. You won't get your gifts, but trust me, they are not worth it.

Houston, Texas, United States #832919

If I had heard these words it would have spared me the loss of $800 to Silverleaf for a 5 day week at one of their resorts that has never happened. The words are "No, I've told you No for four hours and no means "NO!" Unfortunately, my no got weaker and weaker until I paid $80 that day and owed them 10 monthly payments of $72.00 after that.

I think that the embarrassment of being ripped off for $800 is what leads many people to keep paying them and receiving nothing in return.

Yes. I was duped, my time was wasted and I could have used that $800 to take a nice little trip somewhere else.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #829192

Why wouldn't you just walk out?

Did they hold a gun to your head or something?

I mean, these people ARE scam artists, here I was under the impression that it was common knowledge that time shares are horrible deals.

I'm all for being polite and everything, but there's a limit.


If you sent the cancellation (rescission, really) according to their instructions within the time allowed under state law, they HAVE TO give you a refund. I hope you kept proof!

Don't answer the phone if they call.

If they don't refund your money, alert the Attorney General in which the purchase was made. If you used a credit card, file a dispute to any charges with the credit card company.


The only way their business model works is to keep nice people hostage. Nasty people have no problem telling them to pound sand. What plan is this?

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