Fulshear, Texas

get in most of the time on bonus time but I can only get in during school week. I don't get my presidential unit most of the time.

I think they should at least add in more days when you can't get correct suite. like 5 for president or 7 for ambassador when they place you in a lodge or cabin. by the way if you cant get in during week it is way to expensive for one week a year I figure with interest at 4 percent and club dues I pay 2000 a year. way overpriced for one week.

last year I stayed 63 days so I did get my money's worth most people who work can not get value out of this product. PS its a typical business with people at top making a killing and workers getting screwed. maid makes around 10 an hour director makes about 500000 dollars a year.

this is where they lose value. I don't even know what the higher management makes.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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